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Welcome to this website which contains inspirational spiritual teachings by the mystic Andy Beer.  The teachings are founded on his own experience but draw on many traditions, Zen Buddhism being the closest to his own way, together with a pagan like connection with nature.  Most of the material is in the form of audio recordings.

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Latest entries added:

In the First Person (Blog): 1st August 2014

Dawn Chorus (Audio): 30th May 2014

In a Nutshell (Audio): 20th May 2014

Guided Meditations (Audio): 6th April 2014

The Gospel of Thomas (Audio): 5th April 2014

Things to Try (Audio): 27th March 2014

Tantra (Audio): 6th March 2014

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New to spirituality?  What is spirituality?  What does it mean to be enlightened?

Start with the audio series for beginners: What’s it all about? and begin your journey with some simple Things to Try.